What is kombucha and why should you drink it?

Kombucha tastes pretty good. At least I think so. The first time I drank it is I was impressed by it’s fizzy taste, like a soda pop with carbonation, but with no carbonation and apparently, a long line of health benefits.

It’s a fermented beverage low in fat and protein but high in sugars and carbohydrates. Ingredients are usually filtered water, kombucha culture, wrought evaporated cane juice, maybe a green tea and flavorings.

This one is mint & chlorophyll flavoured:

The kombucha culture sits at the bottom, like a ring of grit. Except it’s not. It’s the living culture, the SCOBY,  that gives this drink it’s characteristic fizz and smell.

Don’t shake it before you drink it. It has carbonation in it.

Here are some benefits to drinking kombucha:

Have you tried it? What do you think? Leave me a comment or question!



5 thoughts on “What is kombucha and why should you drink it?”

  1. I enjoy kombucha on occasion, but the carbonation and sugar sometimes makes me bloat. I’ve never been a fan of soft drinks, but kombucha is a fantastic alternative for anyone wanting a healthy alternative.


  2. Hi Serena, I have had it and I actually purchased my own Scooby and made my own. In the end I didn’t continue to drink it because at the time I was a borderline diabetic and could not risk the high sugar. Enjoy!


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