5 simple guidelines on good nutrition and clean eating

The lovely Arlen of the blog Cultivating Elegance commented yesterday:

I love your posts, I’m now walking to the gym and I agree with all ur points. What to me is more important is food because no matter how much you workout if you don’t have good nutrition you won’t see the difference in your body.

Well said. Arlen, you’re right. Food is so important. You could work in the gym as much as you want but if you’re eating the wrong foods then you won’t see the best results possible.

Before I get into a general talk on what foods are good for your body, I want to say that Arlen’s blog is really one of my favorites. She speaks on relationships, marriage, motherhood, beauty and recipes and I enjoy reading her straightforward interesting voice.

Ok now. Food. Here are five simple guidelines on good nutrition and clean eating:

1. Choose complex carbs over simple ones.

This is simple. Get rid of the overly processed white flour and white sugar. These are foods like donuts, white bread, pancakes, cakes, cookies, soda, and those delicious rare kind of pastry treats that cost five dollars for a little bite.

But lets get real too, ok team?

I love those things and I want to eat them! I want to eat everything. So let’s remember our next rule for clean eating:

2. Everything in moderation

Eat what you want but don’t eat the whole thing. Share a donut or eat half of the sandwich and save the rest for later. And in the meanwhile, don’t forget to fill up on … and our next rule:

3. Load up on nutrient dense foods.

Nutrient dense foods are low in calories and fill you up. They are high in both soluble and insoluble fibre. (Think the white part of the apple is soluble fibre and the skin is insoluble.) Nutrient dense foods are all veggies: celery, spinach, tomatoes, asparagus, broccoli, etc. 

 Also eat food like beans and lentils. They are also high in the healthy kind of fibre that helps scrub your small and large intestines of all the gunk.

4. Don’t forget about fats.

Eat healthy fats everyday. This will keep your organs, eyes, skin and brain in good function but will also help to curb cravings for bad fats like deep fried foods and too much meat. Fatty fish, however, is a good healthy fat:

Eat healthy fats like olives, avocados, dark chocolate, flax, coconut oil, butter, eggs and nuts.

5. Drink lots of water.

Water is needed to metabolize your fat guys. You need a lot. Your body is metabolizing, building muscle if you’re working out, solving problems and your body needs a healthy supply of water to do the miraculous things it does everyday.

Did I miss something important? I bet I did! Let me know. Comments and questions are always welcome as usual.




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