Mushrooms and potatoes: what would you make?

If you are working out, you will get hungry and that’s a good sign. I got a sudden craving for mushrooms and wanted to take a break from pasta so I thought maybe roasted or boiled potatoes?

People think potatoes are bad for you or fattening. That is so far from the truth! It’s what we do to potatoes that makes them fattening or unhealthy. It is deep frying them into potato chips or fries that is “unhealthy.”  

I’ve always loved mushrooms. I also love that they are so low in fat and have so many nutritional benefits.


So I definitely know I want to eat mushrooms and potatoes. And I want to benefit from the nutritional benefits, so I want to healthy recipe. But that’s where I got stuck. And here’s where I need your help!

What should I make? I know what ingredients I want but I don’t know the best recipe for them.

Help ?!?!? 



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