Healthy homemade summer drink recipe: honey iced green tea lemonade

There are so many great refreshing summer drinks available out there. The only problem is you don’t know how much added sugar or preservatives there are in it and what you are buying. This is why it’s a good idea to make your own!

 Try out this recipe for a great summer drink. It is honey green iced tea lemonade! It’s healthy, you know what you’re drinking, it’s homemade and it tastes refreshingly delicious on a hot summer day.

Here’s the recipe! 

Green tea iced lemonade


Juice of 5 lemons

4 green teabags

One cup boiling water

8 cups water 

5 ice cubes 

6 tablespoons honey


I make this tea in two parts. First make the hot green tea and honey part of the recipe. Then make the cold lemon part of the recipe before combining:

1. Bring 2 cup water to boil with 4 bags green tea. Turn off heat, steep three minutes, covered.

2. Squeeze lemons. Add juice to pitcher. Add hot mixture to lemon juice along with cold water. Refrigerate. Add ice cubes and enjoy.


Begin with the best quality of ingredients you can

Bring water to a boil, add your teabags, turn off heat, add honey, and steep for three minutes. 

Add honey to hot green tea mixture

Now the cool lemon part:

Squeeze the lemons for their juice!



Add the honey team mixture to the lemon mixture and you’re done! Refrigerate for at least one hour before adding ice and enjoy.  

Happy summer! 



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