Nine amazing uses for apple cider vinegar

It’s a simple fermented concoction. It’s made from apples and so isn’t that the way it should be? Making ingredients from other ingredients, all from the earth. Natural, healthy and clean. The acidic nature of vinegar actually creates an alkaline environment in our bodies. This alkaline environment is also caused when we eat vegetables or breathe deeply, as we do in meditation or yoga class.

My father takes a capful diluted and some water every morning. He says he likes the way it makes him feel. I like that it might be eating at some of the fat cells in his belly!

The last month, I’ve been using a diluted mixture of apple cider vinegar as a hair rinse. I’ve noticed that my hair feels lighter, healthier, with less build up.

When I was sick, I drank a mixture of apple cider vinegar, cayenne, honey and filtered water. I took a shot every morning and got better 🙂 Who knows if it will work for you but I think it’s worth a try. It’s only vinegar and honey after all!

Here are some more uses for apple cider vinegar:

Have you used Apple cider vinegar for any of these uses? What has been your experience? Does it work for you?



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