Why you should drink green tea in the morning

Before anything else, I think that drinking green tea, has helped me in my metabolism. I think it’s stimulated my taste buds, and hunger for healthy food. This could be because I do think about what I eat. Or it could be the green tea. I’m not sure what it is but I have felt the benefits of drinking green tea on an empty stomach.

I tried changing from green tea to noncaffeine herbal tea. I tried lavender, licorice and other types. I felt good after drinking those as well.

Licorice root for example helps me because I know actually have low blood pressure. This makes me dizzy or lightheaded and I have to be careful when I get up suddenly as I may feel faint.

I think green tea affects different people in different ways and since I do think it is a good addition to your diet since just the warm water is hydrating and soothing, I thought to bring it to your attention.

Try some green tea. See how you feel. From my experience, it’s been good for my body. I think it also helps with my skin and opening up my appetite.

Someone once told me we don’t drink green tea because it makes them break out. Another person told me that if they’re breaking out it’s because the body is releasing toxins as they drink. What do you think? If you haven’t tried it and then do and let me know the results!



8 thoughts on “Why you should drink green tea in the morning”

  1. I do this. it’s like my coffee. Sugarless. Adding lemon adds to taste. But one thing is for sure the best green tea is the kind you have to strain yourself….and you end up saving a bunch of money in the long run instead of buying prepackaged bags.

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  2. I love a nice mug of green tea or another type of herbal tea in the morning. It not only helps with the metabolism but clears the chest and head of congestion you do not even realize you wake up with. It is a cozy, warm hug you can give yourself each morning. It peps you up and prepares you for your day. It is a great thing to do for yourself and is much healthier and cheaper than a calorie filled expensive stop at *cough* coffee place.


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