Sun salutation poses to relieve stress

I find a certain sequence of sun salutation both comforting and strengthening for the body. I use this particular one and hope that you find strength and peace in it also:

Yoga keeps the body stronger, young and supple. Its more in-depth lessons teach one how to let go, understand what is truly important and find happiness.

From a physiological perspective, it decreases stress, improves flexibility, builds muscle strength, prevents cartilage and joint breakdown, protects your spine, increases your bone health, boosts your lymphs, drops your blood pressure, increases your heart rate, regulates your adrenal glands and … Makes you happier.

But that’s not all yoga does. Yoga helps you focus, lowers your blood sugar, releases tension in your limbs, helps you sleep deeper, boosts your immune system functionality, keeps allergies and viruses at bay, encourages self-care, supports your connective tissue, gives you enter strength and eases your pain.

Namaste. May the light, strength and happiness in me reflect and  acknowledge the light, strength and happiness in each of you. Have a wonderful day!



2 thoughts on “Sun salutation poses to relieve stress”

  1. Funny, I did my usual Sun Salutation this morning, but in a slightly different order– lunge following Down Dog. I always struggle with smoothly moving my leg under me into the lunge position; next time, I’ll try this order! Thank you!


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