Weight loss: are some carbs good and others bad?

When most people think of carbs they think of rice, bread and pasta. The truth is, there are carbs in so many other foods! No, I’m not talking to those of you who were on a low-carb diet where you are eating less than five carbs a day or something like that.

For the normal folk, are all carbs considered equal? Well, the truth is that some carbs are simple and summer complex. The complex carbs contain more fiber and minerals and vitamins from the simple carbs do.

What are examples of complex carbs? We think of brown breads. Hearty grains, green vegetables or starchy tubers come to mind.

What are bad carbs? These are carbs like cake, donuts or white bread.

Here’s a helpful chart to give you some more tips and information:

Here is a low glycemic index diet list of foods, a rough shopping list, that may help you:

Happy eating !



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