Is bone broth the new coffee? Nutrition savvy fitness leaders say it boosts energy more than caffeine and cures insomnia.

I had low energy, the kind that leaves you with headaches and no real desire to do the things you once loved.  The insomnia was bad too. I barely slept.

I needed a solution to low energy and loss of sleep, but caffeine wasn't doing the job.
I needed a solution to low energy and loss of sleep, but caffeine wasn’t doing the job.

I had gone to an accupuncturist and physiotherapist last year who told me that the solution to my problem with “low energy” was to increase the amount of gelatine in my diet.  And not the sugar stuff either. Not Jell-O. He also suggested bone broth.

This year, the latest food trend seemed to be bone broth. What a coincidence that I was already thinking about it and gelatine. NYC fashion models are apparently, putting “stock” (pardon the pun) in the fact that collagen in bone broth will increase the shine of their locks and the quality of their skin. Bone broth bars are popping up in NYC and LA, models are flocking to homemade soup bars and snatching up all the broth so all that’s left is a pile of noodles in the pot!

Is bone broth the new coffee? Fans of the meaty soup say that it boost energy better than caffeine, in addition to curing insomnia!

Why is this happening?

Because drinking bone broth has a multitude of benefits. I’ve managed to scale down all the benefits to three main ones: nutrition, cost and ease. First, let’s talk about nutrition; minerals, antioxidants and amino acids:

  1. Bone broth is rich in glycine. This amino acid protects the kidneys and liver, contains antioxidants that protect against cancer and is used in the synthesis of hemoglobin.

The Paleo Mom talks more about glycine and all the ways it helps our bodies, from reducing stress to good digestion:

“glycine is required for synthesis of DNA, RNA and many proteins in the body.  As such, it plays extensive roles in digestive health, proper functioning of the nervous system and in wound healing.  Glycine aids digestion by helping to regulate the synthesis and of bile salts and secretion of gastric acid.  It is involved in detoxification and is required for production of glutathione, an important antioxidant.  Glycine helps regulate blood sugar levels by controlling gluconeogenesis (the manufacture of glucose from proteins in the liver).  Glycine also enhances muscle repair/growth by increasing levels of creatine and regulating Human Growth Hormone secretion from the pituitary gland.  This wonderful amino acid is also critical for healthy functioning of the central nervous system.  In the brain, it inhibits excitatory neurotransmitters, thus producing a calming effect.  Glycine is also converted into the neurotransmitter serine, which promotes mental alertness, improves memory, boosts mood, and reduces stress.”

Foods rich in glycine are high protein foods such as fish, meat, cheese and dairy.



2. Bone broth is cheap and easy to make. All you need are meat bones from a healthy source, clean filtered water, vegetables and spices. I keep the spices simple by using fresh herbs, peppercorns, salt and a few smashed cloves of garlic. You choose your bones, either beef, fish, poultry, lamb, bison or game meat like elk.


It’s easy to make since all you need to do is sear the bones in the same pot you make the broth in, to increase flavour, add water, vegetables, spices, then cover and simmer on low heat for 2-4 hours. Bones you can use are oxtail, neck, feet or any bone you like. If you want a darker richer stock, you may want to roast the bones in a 375 degree oven for 30 minutes before adding to your broth.

If you want, you can make a great bone broth using chicken.

3. You can drink bone broth for a boost of energy instead of coffee or caffeinated soda. It can be refreshing, warm and very flavourful. Meena Hart Duerson from the TODAY show researched the trend and drank bone broth every day for one week. She even made her own. Here’s what happened:

What happened to Meena after drinking bone broth for a week?

You can buy a cup of bone broth and drink it like a green juice or coffee. You can make it at home and put it in a thermos or just buy a cup at a supermarket or shop.

broth to go
Brodo in the East Village in NYC sells a cup of broth for about $4

Have you tried bone broth? Do you think it’s worth making and trying out for yourself? Our grandmothers did, it’s nothing new, really.

But I’ve got to say; I’m going to try it. I can’t say it worked for me last year but now it’s a trend so who knows?!?!  I’ll make a large batch, drink some and freeze the rest. Maybe in ice cube trays in case I want to use it in cooking. I have nothing to lose. It’s cheap, easy and if it heals the body the way some claim, it might be worth picking a bone with. No pun intended.




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