How to make a damn good egg-in-the-hole 

It’s a simple recipe. Often, it’s the first one you learn. The first time I learned to make this was in grade eight, home economics class.

But, as bread options get numerous, eggs get fresher and with the great number of different ingredients available this dish can be upgraded considerably. 

I used sprouted grain toast, free range brown eggs, a ripe avocado and off the vine tomatoes. I like freshly cracked sea salt and pepper as well as dashes of Tabasco on top after it comes out of the hot skillet.

I didn’t cook this but this is the idea:

Butter both sides of your bread. Cut a hole out of the bread, cracking an egg in the hole. Add love, imagination and finesse as you find the right temperature and fry the egg in the toast. 

I love it with sliced avocado seasoned with fresh lemon or lime, freshly ground salt and pepper. Seasoned and sautéed diced tomatoes are great too.

How do you make your version of egg in the hole, or egg on the toast or egg in the nest? Leave me a comment!



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