8 key benefits to eating eggs

Egg whites are super high in protein whereas the yolks are super high in nutrients and essential fats.

8 key benefits of eating eggs are:

  1. Even for free range eggs at the most you’re paying $.50 an egg. They are an inexpensive way of getting key nutrients into your body.
  2. They are easy to cook. They are also versatile. There are so many different ways to prepare an egg: Hard-boiled, over easy, scrambled, soft-boiled, poached and more.
  3. Vitamin A maintains the skin, immune system and normal vision. Eggs are high in vitamin A.
  4. Eggs contain biotin, which aids energy metabolism, maintains skin, hair and the immune system.
  5. The majority of fat in an egg is that which is generally regarded to be the most healthy; approximately 30% is mono unsaturated and 16% is polyunsaturated, with only 20% being saturated.
  6. Eggs contain vitamins and minerals that are needed for the regular functioning of cells, including the brain, nervous system memory and the metabolism.
  7. The high quality of protein in eggs has been found by researchers to keep people energize and feeling fuller for longer. Feeling satiated prevents on healthy snacking and helps reduce overall calorie intake.
  8. Eggs can be added into other meals to make them healthier. Examples are pancakes, quiche, Hueveros rancheros and salads.

What we once believed about fat is now changing. It’s not necessarily bad, even if you are trying to lose weight.

Here is one simple low-carb, delicious and inexpensive way of eating eggs. Start by cooking up chopped onion and tomatoes in coconut or olive oil:

Season to taste. Here you can add fresh or dried herbs, sodium free seasonings, salt, pepper or any flavors you like:


 Now, whisk one or two eggs in a bowl. If you want your eggs extra fluffy beat in a little bit of cold water:



What you will end up with is a simple vegetable egg scramble. Fast, easy, nutritious, filling and totally delicious:


What are your favorite ways to eat eggs? Leave me a comment below! Have a great healthy day.



3 thoughts on “8 key benefits to eating eggs”

  1. I use that same recipe for my eggs. I add a few chills in mine though.
    I love eggs and I get teased for eating eggs. Just yesterday someone told me eggs are for little children.

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