Top 16 cheat foods and what it takes to work them off

One doughnut isn’t going to hurt, right? In the grand scheme of things it can’t be that much of a big deal. But the truth is our delicious cheat foods not only change our taste buds to start craving sweet and salty foods but they also take a lot of work for our body to work off. This could result in large amounts of weight gain over the years, decreased energy and potential for diseases like diabetes.

I definitely believe in moderation. I believe you should enjoy your food and cheat often! But I think some people take cheating to a higher level than may be appropriate, depending on your goals.

I think this is a great chart that shows realistically how much work you have to do to work off delicious cheat foods like donuts, milkshakes, candy, alcohol and chocolate.

Of course you should indulge. But realistically, and in moderation. I like this chart because I want to know that it takes 80 minutes of cycling to burn off that Cinnabon. I might think twice about eating it or I might just eat half! What do you think about the foods on this list? Are they worth it? Are you so active that these foods hardly make a dent?



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