How to make the best homemade popcorn ever

I like making my own popcorn, and I’ve been doing it for years. Not microwave but on the stove in a nonstick pot with a lid. I typically use a combination of corn oil and olive oil. It took a couple of minutes maybe three minutes or four… Until it was ready..  sometimes I had burnt kernels sometimes many unpopped kernels. With this new technique, very few burnt kernels hardly any unpopped and it takes one or two minutes!

After trial and error, I think I have finally discovered the best recipe for making great popcorn at home.

You will need two ingredients. Coconut oil and popcorn kernels. I found some jumbo organic popcorn kernels in bulk so I used those.


The coconut oil has a high smoking point and heats up very fast. I started with a hot pan and 1 tablespoon of coconut oil. You just need enough to coat the bottom of the pan liberally.


As soon as I saw the oil smoke a little bit I added enough popcorn kernels to coat the base of the pan. You don’t want any overlapping kernels. Another very important tip is to make sure you coat each kernel with oil. So move the pad around and make sure the oil has coated each of the kernels.

You are still on high heat here. Next, add salt! If you want sweet popcorn then add sugar here. As soon as your first popcorn kernel pops put a lid on it.


After about 30 seconds, shake the pan and reduce the heat to medium heat. 

Then don’t touch. Just listen. Keep it heat on until you hear the popping stop. Then turn off the heat and get your big bowl ready to toss your hot delicious popcorn and seasonings in.


While it’s hot I season with salt and Tabasco because those are my favorites. But you can do a number of great seasonings like parmesan and garlic salt, brown sugar and butter, and chili lime powder. 


2 cups of this popcorn is about 150 cal, has 48 mg of potassium 2 g of dietary fiber and total carbs of 13 g.

Here are details on the coconut oil I used: 


Unlike some movie popcorn or ready-made brands this version has no trans fat. Since I use coconut oil, however, it does have saturated fat. 9 g of saturated fat. And 11 g in total. So what do you think? Is this a healthy snack? It does depend on your dietary needs and diet plan. 

Great tasting popcorn though!



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