My 8 tips for clear skin 

Clear, fresh healthy skin is the coveted beauty holy grail. I think a good way to think of skin care is to keep your routine simple and consistent. That means always take the time to wash your make up off, even late at night when you don’t feel like it.  

Keeping your skin moisturized and hydrated is also important. I like to think of hydrating three ways: washing with water, drinking water and sweating out from your pores. Here are my eight best tips for clear skin:

  1. Exercise. Exercising regularly pushes salty sweat out of your pores, cleaning them out from the insides. But make sure you take a shower soon after since bacteria or dirt can collect in those same pores, causing out skin to form pimples trying to fight the foreign matter. Gentle exercise also keep the body in optimal order, and our skin is part of our body as a whole. Everything is connected.
  2. Wash thoroughly with water and minimal detergents. Too much soap can do the opposite of what you mean for it to do. Instead of cleaning your skin, it can irritate it. I like to minimize my use of soap and other cleaners to once a week. Good old water is enough; twice a day or more if you need after moderate to high amounts of exercise. 
  3. Use clean towels. Wash your towels well and frequently. Sometimes, to reduce soapy residue in towels, you can use less or no soap with a splash of white vinegar in the wash. I like to do this once or twice a year. 
  4. Don’t touch your face. Your fingers contain dirt, bacteria and other unmentionables that may creep into unsuspecting pores and cause acne. Also in regards to make up: while makeup makes your skin look better if you applied correctly, limit the amount of makeup you put on your skin. And after you do put make up on your skin, use an oil-based make up remover and clean your face thoroughly!
  5. Drink water. Water will help to flush out toxins from the inside, allowing your body to clean out vital organs. The health of our liver, gut and spleen can be reflected in our largest external organ, our skin. Foods that encourage your body to keep water in longer are those high in potassium like bananas as well as chia seeds. 
  6. Moisturize. After you clean your face moisturize well. This is what prevents wrinkles, helps protect against bumpy deposits that can later turn into white or black heads, and keeps your thin facial skin hydrated. A well-moisturized face is also the perfect primer for natural looking makeup. 
  7. If you get a zit, medicate it right away. Changes in humidity, area and stress levels can cause your skin to behave differently, resulting in unexpected acne flare ups. As soon as you see or feel a zit coming on, get the over the counter spot treatment from the pharmacy. Use it right away. To prevent scaring, use a Vit e based scar treatment gel or oil after the zit has dried up. 
  8. Vegetables: Yes, vegetables and fruit can be used on the skin for simple ways of keeping your skin clear and healthy, but that’s another blog for another day! Coming soon. For this post, I want to remind you to eat more vegetables today and everyday. Remember, you are what you eat and the more vegetables you eat, the better looking your skin. 

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