Beauty secret: the cold shot

You’re taking a hot to warm shower, your pores are opening and then you dry off with a warm cozy towel, moisturize and feel fresh! There is one step in this process that can help bring you fat loss, improved circulation, temperature regulation, relief from symptoms of depression, healthy skin and hair, increase energy and tolerance to stress. This step is the cold shot!

Steps to do the cold shot:

  1. Take a warm/hot shower
  2. For the last few seconds, for as long as you can stand it, stand in a shot of cold water. If you have long hair, rinse your hair with ice cold water. This will make your hair shiny without adding chemicals.

As for what benefits the cold shot has on your body, read on:

Immunity: since cold shots increases shivering it is said to increase your metabolic rate, activating your immune system

Fat loss: When your body is subjected to the cold, it needs more energy to warm it up. Using more energy calls for energy reserves and if there is no available carbohydrate, your body will use fat.

Circulation: Over time, cold water exposure will increase the efficiency of blood vessels and circulation. Exposure to cold redirects your blood flow to vital organs faster, so circulation will become more efficient over time.

Relief from depression: Since the skin has so many cold receptors, taking a cold shot of water after a warm shower will send a large number of electrical impulses to the brain, stimulating other releases of feel-good hormones such as endorphin releases, which can result in an anti-depressive effect.

Tolerance to stress: Exposure to cold increases the body’s tolerance to stress. Cold is a stress, especially when the body is resting in a warm shower environment. When you give your body a cold shot, the body practices tolerating a change so is easy to adapt to a new unexpected stress.


Here’s a video about the health benefits of cold showers:

What do you think? Do you believe this can work for you? Have you tried taking a cold shot of water after a shower? Let me know what your experience with cold shots are.





2 thoughts on “Beauty secret: the cold shot”

  1. Great post! I try to rinse my hair with cold water after I’ve finished washing it to help seal the cuticles. Thankfully I have one of those removable shower heads so that I’m not standing in the freezing, cold water. Looks like maybe my entire body would benefit if I did though. Thanks for the info!

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