Beauty Secret: 2 easy steps to prevent ingrown hairs and blackheads

Ingrown hairs and blackheads can grow into pits of toxic gunk in your pores.  Clean them out with two easy steps. Please note, this is a body beauty secret, not for the face. This is a gradual treatment, very easy and soon your skin’s pores will be clear and you’ll be able to see the improvement. Your skin will be smooth, even and soft.

Ready? Three steps to clean, clear soft skin!

Step one: 

In the shower, use a loofah. The loofah is unlike a plastic shower puff or towel. The loofah is the instrument that will exfoliate the skin deep enough to prevent ingrown hairs or blackheads. No substitutions. A loofah is needed to properly clean the body. This is what a loofah looks like:


To use the longitudinal side at first, it’s less rough than the ends. Use gentle long strokes in the shower. Use your favorite soap, mine is Neutrogena Original soap for the body. It looks like an orange gummy bar. It’ll get your body squeaky clean. I’m not a fan of super soapy heavily fragranced “cleaners,” which I think sometimes deposit more gunk in your pores than clean them out.

Type of strokes: 

Circles: Use big and small circles, gentle pressure. You’ll notice that your skin may get a little red or pink. This is good, you are creating energy in the blood vessels and skin pores, they are slowly opening up.

Long lines: Take the loofah with long lines up and down the body. Do this on your legs, arms and back.

Step two: 

Vaseline. Again, no substitutions. Vaseline is hypoallergenic and highly moisturizing. Immediately after your shower, dry off and put a small enough amount of Vaseline for the skin to be moisturized but not so much that it will seep onto your clothes after. Rub and massage the Vaseline into your skin.

Spend at least a few seconds massaging the Vaseline onto your arms, torso and legs. Don’t forget your feet and hands because even though those aren’t areas prone to ingrown hairs or blackheads, massaging your appendages will relax your entire body and prevent dry skin.


And that’s it folks. Loofah and Vaseline. Do this regularly after a shower and your skin will be soft, even and smooth. This beauty secret is simple, cheap and highly effective but you need to do this as consistently as possible.

Try this and let me know how it goes!



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