Five powerful food pairings to try today

Two is better than one for pizza, a sports car or referrals. There are also some foods just work better as a team. Examples of this are complements like peanut butter and jelly, milk and cookies, and toast and jam. Why? Because they taste good.

But this is a health blog.

Not that healthy should taste boring. So today I will talk about food pairings that not only fight for your health but taste delicious!

Here are five powerful food pairings that work well together as discovered by professionals at the Cleveland Clinic:

Some of my own powerful pairings are:

  1. Steak and rosemary (Rosemary is rich in acids that stop cancer-causing amines from forming on cooked meat)
  2. Salmon and bok choy (some experts believe this combo can decrease PMS symptoms since it is both high in calcium and vitamin D)
  3. Soda water and fresh lime (limes are anticarcinogenic. Chemicals in limes stay active in your bloodstream a bit longer, collecting more free radicals than green tea or dark chocolate. Homemade lime seltzer is an effective body cleaner)
  4. Yogurt and grated cucumber (yogurt contains healthy probiotic bacteria and the cucumber contains so many different vitamins you can avoid nutrient deficiencies with this pairing)
  5. Spaghetti and roasted peppers (vitamin C in the peppers works to convert the iron in the greens to a form that is easier to absorb)

Do you have health-boosting food pairings of your own? If so, what are they and what makes them healthy?


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