10 perspectives on perseverance

You may feel miles away from your goal but one way to get there is to  persevere. Chipping away at your goals slow and steady can help you climb a mountain, and of course, that happens one step at a time.

Here are ten perspectives about perseverance that may help you succeed:


To increase your perseverance, change your perspective:


I like this one because of the references to photography:


Keep going. Put in continuous effort : 

 This is a reminder to find the solution. Because there’s always a solution. If you persevere, you will find it:


Keep at it. You’re closer than you think:


Don’t quit. It’s coming:


It’s hard to keep at something despite numerous rejections, but if you believe in yourself, your capabilities and your dreams, keep getting up despite the obstacles:


Keep at it, know what you want, stay true to what’s right. Have a purpose, understand why your goals are important. What some may call stubborn will soon turn into success:


And for the win, persevere:


Go get ’em tigers! Have a great day :))



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