Eating up a storm on the weekends

I got an email about overeating on the weekends and before I respond I thought I’d put it out to the blogosphere:

My biggest issue right now is learning how to control myself on the weekend. Yeah I feel like I eat very decently during the week, but the minute the weekend comes around all progress is lost. In April I am looking to try and not eat out once (which kills me on the weekends) and really track what I’m eating. I’m hoping then for future months I can balance myself and learn some control when going out to eat.

My advice here is to firstly be ok with that. Don’t beat yourself up. I like the goal of not eating out because if you are trying to lose weight a key is to cook your own food at home. Food in restaurants have a lot of hidden calories of fat, sodium and preservatives to keep the food fresher for longer, remember, it’s a business. When you cook at home for your family you can think about health. Saving nutrients, reducing fat or sodium and making healthy substitutions.

Secondly I say add certain foods to what you are already eating. Add oatmeal, a large carrot, an apple, a banana, a large bowl of arugula with drizzled lemon topped with chicken breast, raw almonds, a box of raisins, a large glass of warm water, a bowl of plain zero fat greek yogurt, a celery stick with peanut butter, a large glass of cold water and a sliced raw red pepper! Choose maybe two  vegetables, of different colours. Eat those. And choose two fruits, different colours. Eat that. Then go to town! Eat what you want.

Enjoy your life and be patient. Your balance of regular consistent working out with eating clean as much as you can will yield results.

What do you think? Am I right? Wrong?  What did I miss? Let me know, leave me a comment!



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