Beauty secrets: 10 ways to be happy

Happiness radiates from your insides to your outside. Happy waves give your skin a glow,  life in your eyes and rose in your cheeks. Happiness is the greatest beauty secret of them all.

Here are my 10 ways to be happy:

  1. Give to others: Find a time to genuinely give to other people. Don’t do it for tax receipt or because you will receive obvious benefit. Do it because you can feel empathy for someone else. Put yourself in their shoes. Try and understand that everyone goes through tough times. One day, it might be you.
  2. Meditate: Just a few moments of deep breathing, clearing the thoughts from your mind and focusing on the present can substantially improve the quality of your life. As a side effect you will improve your focus, concentration and compassionate nature.
  3. Love someone who loves you back: Practice the art of love with someone who encourages you to be your best and supports you even when you make a mistake. Let them help you, and enjoy the feeling of helping them too.
  4. Eat clean: Eat as many vegetables as you can. The more raw the better. Eat a fruit you’ve never tried before. Drink water.
  5. Eat dirty: Eat what you want and break the rules. I know you’re going to do it in moderation. Life is about letting go. Enjoy the fat. Enjoy the salt. Enjoy the sugar. Be free.
  6. Give people who care about you the benefit of the doubt: They love you. Believe that.
  7. Practice your passion: The world needs your passion, your care, your enthusiasm and your expertise.
  8. Stand up tall: Maintain good posture. It’s good for your inner organs, your self-esteem and your spine. Confidence will lead to happiness.
  9. Go back to nature: Deeply inhale the outdoors. Nature will clear your thoughts, keep you in the present and make your skin beam with happy.
  10. Care for the young and the old: Both our young citizens and our wise elders need care and love. Pass care along. It will make them happy and it will make you beautiful.

What are your tips for happiness? Leave me a comment or question.

Have a happy day :))



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