Beauty secrets: how to remove cellulite

Cottage cheese thighs out and smooth toned skin in! There are many ways to avoid cellulite. I’ll talk about beauty secrets, home remedies and exercises you can do. 

Remember that fat is formed in globules and those fat molecules stick together in clumps. But if your muscle is eating (metabolizing) that fat, if you aim for strong not skinny, the cellulite will slowly shrink.

Some of us are more predisposed genetically to hang onto it, but there are actions you can take!

Firstly, work out. A balance of flexibility training, cardio and muscle conditioning will help. Here are six muscle conditioning exercises you can do:


 By working out the muscles in those six exercises you create small tears in those muscles. To repair those tears, the muscles will look to the surrounding fat for energy. If there is no available glucose or carbohydrate, the muscles will start to use that fat to repair and build. This is another reason why intermittent fasting works for me.

There are also other things you can do to prevent or reduce your cellulite:


Here is a recipe for a coffee body treatment scrub, remember to massage from the bottom of your legs upwards using circular motions:


Have you tried any of these remedies? Have you had any luck? Let me know your experiences. Leave me a comment! Have a great day :))



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