I got a question the other day about sugar. Sugar is in so many of our foods: tomato sauce, bread, crackers and juice. Do you need help finding sugar substitutes? Is maple syrup healthy because it comes from a tree? Answers to these questions and more… Keep reading!

Sometimes we crave a certain “unhealthy”  food because we may be deficient in some vitamin or mineral. I was found this chart to be helpful:


This chart seems quite common and many of you have probably already seen it. What do you think? Do you believe that by substituting a healthier food for one that you are craving works for you?

But let’s get back to sugar, shall we? How can we substitute it? Here are some ideas:


When baking I like to substitute applesauce, banana or coconut sugar for white sugar when I can.

And since I’m Canadian I can never forget the wholesome goodness that comes from our maple trees in Quebec. Here are some facts on Maple syrup:


What do you think about sugar? Is it something that you are consciously trying to cut down on? Leave me a comment or question. To me this is a very interesting topic. Have a sweet Friday!



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