Muscle conditioning using your own body weight

I love to use portable equipment like free weights, Bender Balls, body bars, medicine balls and of course the ViPR. But changing up your muscle conditioning routine is just as important as changing up your cardio and your flexibility training.

I like this hi interval intensity training circuit because the squats and lunges work your back body, especially your butt! I like that there are Burpee’s because that movement of coming up after going down keeps us young: our brain sharp, our joints mobile and our muscles strong and supple. 

In countries people squat every time to go to the bathroom. We don’t. This could be the reason why there are so many hip and knee injuries in developed countries? 

Take a look at this circuit, try it out today or sometime this week:

Notice the bicycle crunches happen at the end? I always leave my ab workouts to the end because I don’t want to tire out my core. The core is working throughout your squats, lunges, Burpee’s and mountain climbers. We target abs at the end of the workout because we want to remain strong throughout the beginning exercises. 

Remember to keep your legs strong, your body long and lean, and your arms working throughout this interval training.

Did you do it? Will you try it? What were your results? Were you sore the next morning? Do you think your buddy got stronger? Let me know what you think. Leave me a question or comment.

Happy working out!


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