How can the hunger scale help you?

Most babies and toddlers just naturally eat only when they’re hungry and stop when they’re full, not stuffed. But as we get older emotions sometimes play a role in how we eat. Do you understand what true hunger feels like? Learn some tips on mindful eating for weight loss, particularly “the hunger scale.”

Here it is in a nutshell:

The goal is to stay in the blue zones. And to stay away from the pink! This way we will watch stubborn pounds disappear, and energy levels soar.

Here is another interpretation of the hunger scale:

Leave some room in your body to digest the food you have already eaten. Associate medical director at the Longevity center and spa, Dr. Danine Fruge said, “The fact is, we can get fat eating healthy food.”

First, we must practice recognizing our own personal hunger and feeling satisfied. Second, we need to act appropriately. Many times, if you are hungry, you could be dehydrated. Try drinking water and then if you’re still hungry try eating vegetables and fruit. Sometimes we aren’t hungry, we’re just craving some form of fat or sugar in substitution for an emotional hole of some sort. Perhaps its loneliness, frustration, anger or sadness.

How often do you over eat? Why do you think you do that? How do you know when you are hungry, or when you are full? Leave a comment or question!




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