Clean Eating: potato egg skillet (with 1 hidden beauty secret)

This one is super fast and easy. It’s that go-to recipe when I don’t want to order a pizza but don’t have the energy to run to the store and buy a long list of ingredients. The macros are good because you control the fat. I use only a teaspoon of oil. And it’s simple. It’s also buildable. Today I will only have three ingredients: eggs, frozen hashbrowns potatoes and hot salsa. Of course you will add spices of your choice and the oil of your choice. Many of you will choose coconut oil here. I used a mixture of olive oil and corn oil. I have added chopped broccoli, onions, mushrooms, corn, peas, beef, tuna, cheese, tomatos and omelette ingredients like those in the past. Today I will show you how to make the simplest kind of potato egg skillet. 

First heat the teaspoon of oil. Take out two eggs from the fridge 30 min before. It’s always best to cook with room temperature eggs. 

I seasoned the oil with some Mrs. Dash right before adding the cup of frozen hashbrowns. I didn’t stir but you can. I flipped or swung the pan pan around so that the potatoes would be coated evenly by the oil. Cook these potatoes on medium high for eight minutes and then turn down to medium ones the eggs are beaten and ready to be added. If you want to add vegetables add them now while your potatoes cooking.

 Today I used free range eggs. I crack both of them into a bowl and let the cold water run because I will not be adding milk to them. I will be adding 1 teaspoon of hot salsa and at least a tablespoon of cold cold water, maybe more. I

For those of you who are confident  super multitaskers I have a beauty tip to interject into this cooking session now.

Beauty tip:

Don’t throw away those egg shells yet! Raw egg white tightens fine creases and pores. It is a natural wrinkle eraser of the best kind. Don’t waste that bit of raw egg white in the shell. Apply to nose, neck, forehead etc. I use it around my eyes particularly the sides, the crows feet. Leave to dry, rinse off later and use a moisturizer if the skin is dry. 

Next, beat your eggs, cold water and salsa vigorously. Turn the heat from medium high to medium now. Pour the egg mixture or over your hot potatoes. With your fork gently stir the egg around and add a final layer of spices. Then cover and turn the heat off. The steam and heat will cook the top of the egg. Leave the lid on and let cook with the oven off for 5-10 minutes.

After the 10 minutes are up, remove the lid and serve. Top with ketchup or mayo or salsa or any other condiment that you love. 

I add Tabasco.

This is simple, high in vitamins and protein, and delicious. What is your fast, healthy and easy recipe?

P.S. After applying the beauty secret wrinkle eraser don’t I look so much younger?


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