Who can work out at 11 AM???

I received a fantastic question on Facebook from Lee Ann. She asked:

What if you can’t work out until like six or after or early in the morning? Who can work out at 11???

That’s a great valid question. Sometimes I would take my lunch break at 12, work out for 45 minutes and eat for half an hour after, putting my lunch hour and my coffee break together. But I know this is not possible for many of you. Just last night at dinner, a girlfriend said she doesn’t have the option to eat at any other time but 12 and she can’t work out until 6 or 7 PM at night after work.

So we talked about this and figured out the timings. If she eats at noon and stops at one, her body’s got a good 4-5 hours of digesting time. And that is perfectly fine. That is excellent in fact. Because at noon she knows she’s eating to fuel her work out in the evening, and she also knows that she’s going to get most of your calories post workout. And after that, no more food. Lots of water. I also like this because you are so hungry after that workout you eat!

And eating is important. Eating rooted in hunger. True hunger. Tips for eating post workout at night? Eat a protein and vegetables. A lot of vegetables. So eat a steak and a huge salad. Or eat fish with steamed veggies. Eat chicken breast and sweet potatoes or roasted potatoes or root vegetables! Go for delicious things like asparagus, home-cooked parsnip fries, steamed broccoli with teriyaki sauce, baked cauliflower with parmesan and a touch of real butter, or hearty bean and lentil soup with a thick buttered helping of sourdough or whole-grain bread. I prefer a protein and vegetable, but eat what you want! Eat what you desire. Enjoy it. Enjoy every bite.

So at lunch go for a sandwich or soup or a salad packed with chicken and avocado or shrimp. Eat an apple and banana, carrot sticks and celery. Prepare your lunch at home. Here are some great lunch snacks pre-workout, that you can take to work:

I’m not afraid of cookies or donuts or cake. And I don’t think you should be either. Yes, if you’re eating a fried sugary donut a day, and you have a problem with that, try to cut it out. Break the pattern. But don’t stress yourself out. Baby steps.

So my advice is to leave the bulk of your calories to your post workout meal. Questions, comments, keep them coming. I wish you low fat, super strength, a good sleep and solutions to all of your stress!



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