Beauty Secrets: Evening Primrose Oil

For years I used Evening Primrose on my face, after cleansing in the shower with a soap, always Neutrogena Original Soap, advice given to me by my friend Mellissa, in our University days. The soap is still my favourite, but it cleans so well you have to moisturize deeply because hydrated skin is healthy skin. That’s where the Evening Primrose Oil comes in.

First Evening Primrose Oil Beauty Secret: put it on your face

You can buy Evening Primrose in various sizes of capsule and by different companies
You can buy Evening Primrose in various sizes of capsule and by different companies

I would puncture a capsule of Vit. E (advice given to me by my other gorgeous brilliant friend, Sampreeta) and a capsule of Evening Primrose (my own idea but given a nod of acceptance by Sampreeta) and press the gel into my skin.

Vitamin E

I massage this mixture into my face, neck and sometimes even my hips or shoulders. This is one of my favourite overnight moisture treatments. Rub it into your face including your eyebrows and lips. Emerging hard whiteheads can more easily slide out of pores and off your face with this regular treatment. Try it and let me know how it worked for you by leaving me a comment!

How to use on skin

The vitamin E, thicker, is balanced by the less viscous Evening Primrose Oil and together create a magnificent healthy thick moisturizer you should go to sleep with. Once you wake up, skin is plumped, clean and radiant.

How did I find out this worked so well?

Before I began putting the mixture on my face, I was squeezing the capsules onto the dry rough and often bleeding psoriasis or eczema patches on my father’s legs and elbows. I wouldn’t rub it in, but dab it gently on the sore and surrounding areas. I had read somewhere that both oils may help and after a shower I would apply his treatment. I saw that the Vit E/EPO helped and he said it was helping too, despite some sting when we first started.

Vitamin E is a fat-soluble antioxidant that can also be ingested. Sometimes, I’d take a Vitamin E capsule orally if I felt like it. But usually I get it from my diet. Sunflower seeds and almonds contain a good healthy amount of Vit E.

VitE Upclose

Second Evening Primrose Oil Beauty Secret: ingest capsules at the right time

The second beauty secret with Evening Primrose Oil was after a talk with a number of girlfriends. Many found that the symptoms of PMS; breast soreness, irritability, emotional behaviour, sensitivity, etc. was greatly reduced by popping a few EPO capsules!

One of my girlfriends, married with three kids, two of them twins, said “Evening Primrose Oil saved me from a divorce,” as she munched on carrot sticks. I looked at her to see if she was joking. She wasn’t. She said, “My husband loves it.”

Well, a few of us tried it too and it seems to take some of the edge off. It’s not proven to work scientifically, it should be noted, as I was doing some research on this, but in my humble opinion, it works. Some months are easier than others, but generally 6-8 days before menstruation I get more frustrated, depressed, or emotional.

Evening Primrose 500 mg

Could it be that the change in hormones lead to a chemical imbalance of sorts and this little EPO pill is correcting this? What do you think? Have you had experience with EPO? Has it helped you or anyone else you know?




24 thoughts on “Beauty Secrets: Evening Primrose Oil”

  1. Very interesting. I must research this EPO. As far as it being proven scientifically, lol, don’t sweat it. There probably was studies done on it , but the information is not published, or suppressed. Mainly because this is an all natural product and thus unable to be regulated by the FDA. Things that cannot be regulated by government because they are God given, are rarely talked about in the scientific community. Even though scientists know it works. That is because it is not profitable for the pharmecutical industry. God bless you for taking care of your Dad. 🙂

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    1. Also, thankyou for the post. Psoriasis is very painful and embarrassing for the people who have it. I will research this more ( I am a nurse) and pass this info on to people who suffer from this affliction, which is autoimmune in nature. Thankyou for visiting my site and for the like! 🙂 I am new at this blogging. My son taught me how and created a sister site for me that you may find enjoyable.
      The Georgio site is for health related issues and the Jeanette site is for my crafts. 🙂

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  2. I’m male 45 and have been taking primrose oil 3000mg a day for 2 months I read it was good for my diabetes but since taking it I have found I’ve got new parts of my body lol my breast (manboobs) have got much bigger I reckon I’m at least a b cup going on c cup
    I think I might carry on taking to see how much bigger they get


  3. I’m a 39-year-old female and for the past month I have been taking Evening Primrose Oil capsules for depression, anxiety, and PMS symptoms at the recommendation of my psychologist who is also an RN (registered nurse). My psychiatrist has me on both Prozac and Wellbutrin (both of which I have taken for 3+ years) and was okay with my psychologist’s recommendation.
    In just one menstrual cycle I have noticed an improvement in my PMS symptoms. It took the edge off of my PMS anxiety and fatigue, and it significantly reduced my breast pain/tenderness, cramping, and flow (was less heavy). This is only after a month, but I’ll try to report again after 3-4 months to confirm my results.
    Consult with your doctor(s) first, then purchase the best quality you can afford.

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    1. I don’t because I want the evening Primrose oil to permeate my skin fully but if you want to tone your skin first that’s perfectly fine! It will still absorb well!


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