Can this nutrient make you happy?

There’s a nutrient out there that plays an important role reducing irritability, depression, anxiety, sensitivity to stress and emotional lability. Here’s a hint: is the third element on the periodic table of elements. Do you know?

Yup, that’s right. Lithium.

In 1929 and American from Missouri used lithium as the key ingredient in his sock to drink, initially named, “Bib-Label Lithiated Lemon Lime soda.”

He later changed the name to “7-Up Lithiated lemon lime”. The name “7-Up” stuck.


Today, lithium is recommended as a treatment for several emotional and mental disorders, most notably bipolar disorder.

Studies were done on water treated with lithium. Areas with high levels of lithium in water supplies found murder and suicide rates decreased. A study from the University of Oita in Japan found that low lithium levels were associated with increases in rates of suicide and depression.

The current scientific and clinical information on lithium suggests a safe and beneficial “nutritional” amount for most people is in the range of 1-5 mg per day.

The following is a list of foods with lithium and their amounts:

Food /Lithium Content (micrograms per kg )
Milk 7533
Eggs 7373
Pork 3844
Beef 3428
Poultry 2379
Soft Cheese 2276
Herring 1734
Butter 1070

Tomatoes 6707
Mushrooms 5788
Cucumbers 5017
Red Cabbage 3579
Cauliflower 3462
Kohlrabi 2966
Asparagus 2217
White Cabbage 1874
Potatoes 1592
Apples 1449
Bananas 383

Black Tea 3737
Paprika 2316
Marjoram 2289
Cocoa 1728
Cinnamon 1046
Coffee 874

Instant Soups 2513
Rice 1260
Wheat Flour 905
Rusk 935
Toasted Bread 819
Barley 995
Lentils 748
Vanilla Pudding 639
Noodles 628
Semolina 538
Honey 527
Bread Rolls 317
Red Wine 329
White Wine 305
Pilsner 296
Sugar 199
Coca-Cola 122
Brandy 85

Have you heard of lithium and it’s effects? What do you think of this? Do you think lithium can reduce depression and make you happy or is there more to it? Leave me a comment!

For more information, check out the sources I used to write this blog:


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