Get whatever you want in three simple steps. 

Only rebels step out from the “box” and defy convention. And so those who change the world must be “rebels.” They are the ones who get tattoos, eat expired yogurt, break the rules and stay up too late. Right? Wrong. Your “box” is your comfortable cozy bed. It’s allowing your brain to carry on autopilot. It’s doing the same behaviors you’ve always done because they are easy to do. Think about what you want. Really. Think about it right now. Choose one thing. Decide on that. It may be to lose 5 pounds. It may be to fix your relationship. It may be to get a better job. Whatever is most important to you, choose that one first. One at a time. First step to getting what you want:

1. Decide what you want.

Getting it is simple. You know how to do that. But actually going through the steps and being consistent with those steps is not an easy task. So as simple as getting what you want is, no one said it was easy to do. Anything that is a break from your routine is going to require you to forcefully put yourself into an uncomfortable situation. It won’t be cozy anymore. The second part to getting what you want:

2. Listen to your body’s signals.

If you are cold your body sends a signal to your brain and you do something to make you warmer. You put on a jacket or increase the heating or put some socks on. Same goes with sex, hunger, and dissatisfaction in life. When you are bored that is a signal. If you are bored, your body is telling you something. You may need more. You may need a challenge. You may need to step out of your comfortable cozy area. Basic needs like food, clothing and shelter are undeniable. We know we need them. But human beings have other needs. We yearn to explore. We crave adventure. We want to grow up and change with the times. Everything about your body grows throughout your life. And your soul needs exploration and growth too. It’s part of your essence. The third part to getting what you want:

3. Get over it and force yourself

It sounds ugly but dissatisfaction in life is uglier. “Get over it and force yourself” means to get out of your head, get over your feelings and remember what you want. Concentrate and look at what you want directly. If you listen to how you feel when it comes to what you want, you will not get what you want. Ever. Because getting what you want is not going to make you feel comfortable. Because you will never feel like it. This post was inspired by a TED talk by Mel Robbins,  called “How to stop screwing yourself.” For more information on how to stop screwing yourself or get what you want, watch it and let me know what you think by leaving me a comment:

Go get it!



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