Three small actions to lose big fat

Did you know that consistent action beats a perfect idea all the time? The idea is that little things, when done repeatedly, become large changes. And that goes for all the large and daunting goals in your life.

Let’s say you want to lose a lot of weight, or you want to have a better relationship, or you want to gain a lot of muscle, or you want to buy your dream house.

You get those big things by doing a lot of little things consistently, every day, and before you know it the year is over. And you have it.

In this blog post I will give three things that you can do to lose a lot of fat. They are little things. They are small decisions you make every day but before you know it the year will be over and you will have lost a lot of fat. You will get into that suit, bikini, or dress you are saving. Or you will finally splurge on that quality pair of jeans you can’t quite get into right now.

Three things:

1.  Take the stairs

An average flight of stairs is 12 steps. If you climb one flight of stairs, three times a day that is approximately 15 cal burned, according to a report done by the New Hampshire department of health. If you climb six flights of stairs, three times a day that is 90 cal burned.

Climbing just two flights of stairs every day could results in a loss of 6 pounds per year! And remember, that is by making no other change in diet and exercise. Just the stairs.

Using the stairs burns twice as many calories as walking. The action of stepping up is also a dynamic stretch for your hip joints, ankles, and the muscles in your legs and buttocks. This improves the health of your joints, bones and muscle tissue.

2. Incorporate two raw vegetable servings into your diet in addition to what you are already eating.

Try something you’ve never eaten before. Try a zucchini or a different type of green. Munch on that while you watch TV or clean up. Make a juice smoothie from raw vegetables and fruits. Incorporating two raw vegetables into your diet every day will result in large amounts of fat loss over time. It may also retrain your taste buds. Often our taste buds automatically crave sugar and salt. Adding two servings of raw vegetables in addition to what you already eat will benefit your body.

3. Eliminate two high-fat/high calorie foods that are typically your favorites.

These include things like cookies, candy, cake, ice cream, potato chips and fries. When I first started I cut out potato chips and cranberry juice. I would eat a few chips because I loved the salty crunch and I still do! But I don’t keep them in the house anymore. I loved the sweet tangy of cranberry juice. For the longest time it was my favorite drink and I would drink it throughout the day. But the sugar content was very high. So I cut that out too. Think of your two foods. You know what they are. Cut them out.

I replaced my potato chips with homemade baked kale chips. It was a great substitution because it tasted great and was good for my body. I replaced the juice with cold fresh clean water. The first week was hard. Looking back, having the excess fat around my mid line was harder.

What are your weaknesses? Leave me a comment below! Here are some of my other favorites, since I have so many:

Fried foods are high in fat, and not the good kind of fat either. I try to limit those now; when I first started I cut them out completely. I wanted to lose fat, not add more. Today, I eat them in moderation and love it wholeheartedly with zero guilt, just lots of happiness! Healthy sources of fat are avocado, nuts and flax seed. Sweet treats are another cheat meal I only have in moderation:

A great substitute for these things is, of course, fruit, or homemade fruit smoothies:

These three changes are small and create large amounts of fat loss in the long run. Remember, it’s not perfection we are striving for it is that daily progress and consistency. I will leave you with a few thoughts:

Go slow but go consistent! What do you think? What are your small steps? What has given you success? Leave me your comments and questions. I’ll answer you!





4 thoughts on “Three small actions to lose big fat”

  1. Great post as always! What’s your take on frozen yogurt? Like pink berry and those types of chains. Is that a bad treat? (Im talking original flavour yogurt with fruit and maybe some dark chocolate?)

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    1. Dear Shazia,

      That’s a great question. I think they are a great treat, I love it! But I look at the calories, and I think it’s important to log those calories everyday when you’re trying to lose fat in the beginning stages. Also, look at the sugar content. To give you an idea, 25g of sugar a day for women is ok according to the American Heart Association – that’s 6 teaspoons. If one cup of frozen yogurt has 25 grams of sugar in it, that’s your whole day’s recommended allowance right there.

      Ideally you want most of your sugar to come from natural foods like fruit. Plus its a social fun treat that you shouldn’t deprive yourself of. But if you want to be the kindest to your body, opt for “homemade” PinkBerry: zero-fat greek yogurt with fresh fruit like banana, cherries, blue and blackberries, pomegranate, orange, champagne grapes, etc. :)Still gorgeous, but cleaner and healthier sources of sugar.


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