Three-step natural body beauty treatment

Winter is especially dry, in Canada, where I live. 

Cold weather can cause dull-looking skin. Dehydrated skin cells regenerate more slowly, causing a build up of dead skin. Circulation also gets sluggish and once that happens your glow is gone and your skin can get dry and flaky. That’s gross. So I’m going to share with you a secret beauty treatment for your body. It leaves your skin glowing, hydrated and healthy.

There are three steps to this:

  1. Dry brush
  2. Wet sugar scrub 
  3. Moisturize

This is something you do before you go in for the shower so allow a good 15 minutes. You will need:

  1. A natural bristled dry body brush
  2. A bowl you can take into the shower with you
  3. Sugar or brown sugar if you have sensitive skin
  4. Olive oil
  5. Half a fresh lemon 
  6. Vaseline (for moisturizing skin after your shower)

The idea here is to exfoliate your skin two different ways. One is a dry gentle rub with the brush before you get into the shower. The second is you take your bowl of mixture into the shower and gently rub your homemade health scrub over the more “durable” parts of your body. These are areas like your legs, buttocks, shoulders, upper back, arms, hands and feet.

Be more gentle on areas like your lower back, stomach and neck and face. This scrub is not for your face! That will be another post. Another area of the body I think is very important to discuss is the décolletage. This is the area between your breasts and your face, your chest. The skin here is very thin and sensitive. Do not exfoliate this. 

To make your body scrub, mix two parts sugar to one part oil. I use a little more than half a cup of sugar in the bowl and quarter cup of oil. Then I squeeze either half the lemon or a little less into this mixture and mix well. The lemon provides a chemical exfoliation that helps to blend any dark patches or skin spots. 

Before you get into the shower with the scrub, first you will gently dry brush for about 10 minutes. Details on how to dry brush your durable body parts:

Why dry brush?

Skin continuously eliminates toxins and waste products from its surface, but dead skin cells (unless physically removed) will clog and restrictive this process.  

I think I bought my brush for under 10 bucks at Walmart or Target or a drugstore. It came with a long handle but I removed that because that was just my personal preference:

What are the benefits of dry brushing?

  • Loosens and removes dead skin cells
  • Increases blood flow
  • Stimulates oil and hormone glands
  • Rejuvenates the nervous system, through the nerve endings, all over the skin


With vigorous circular movements brush your durable body parts for about 10 minutes. Your skin should glow. Start from feet and move up. Put on some tunes that you love and enjoy this process of detoxification!

Next, take your scrub into the shower with you. Rinse your body with warm water, shut the water off and grab handfuls of scrub. Again, start with your feet and work your way up with long strokes and circular ones. Your skin will get pink. Be gentle on the soft areas.

The scrub will rinse away. Take a shower as normal. The sugar will have exfoliated your skin nicely and the oil should leave skin soft and moisturized. After your shower pat skin dry. Now you should be feeling good! All the toxins are out, and the largest organ of your body has been detoxified and you will be feeling fresh, new and great!

The last step is to moisturize. Here we use small amounts of natural petroleum jelly. That’s right, Vaseline.

This not only deeply moisturizes your skin, but it helps to ingrown hairs or other skin bumps from forming. The petroleum jelly will heal any tiny cuts or abrasions and keep your body skin flawless. Massage the petroleum jelly into your skin with firm gentle pressure. 

I urge you to try this. For men or women, this simple homemade beauty treatment will not only detoxify your skin but leave it feeling super soft, healthy and looking gorgeous.

What do you think? Have you tried it? What were your results? 

What are your beauty secrets? Leave me a comment or question below! Thank you for reading … :)))



3 thoughts on “Three-step natural body beauty treatment”

    1. That’s an excellent question. Thanks for reading and I love your blog! Once a week is the most you should do this treatment for an average woman but if you have very dry skin more may be necessary. I like to do this at least once every six months. When I’m really taking care of myself, I do it every third weekend – once a month! Sometimes, I’ll just dry brush and get into the shower without the wet scrub. That helps too.



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