Eating Dirty – Serenaglow pimento cheese

One thing I believe in is balance. I’ve been a yoga girl for over 15 years and was a chemistry/math teacher for over 10. In math we learn about equations. The right side equals the left side. There is a balance between what you want and what you have.

In yoga there is a balance. There is a routing of your foundation and at the same time a stretch of the extending body. There is push and pull. As one part of your body is static and grounded the other part of your body reaches away and challenges your present reality.

In chemistry there is equilibrium. There is homeostasis. The environment is always trying to equal itself out.

It’s like that in life as well. How do you know what sweet taste like if you’ve never tasted bitter? The sun rises and then the sun sets. There is daytime only to be followed by night. What goes up must come down. If life is disappointing you in someway? It soon will please you. Just have faith.

And yes I believe in clean food. Who doesn’t? But I also believe in a balance. So just as there is clean eating in my life there is dirty eating too because, in the illustrious words of Cyndi Lauper, “girls just want to have fun.”

Today I went to the doctor and saw this tacked on his cabinet:


Then I went to yoga for strength which kicked my butt. We held a lot of lunges, a lot of forward bends, extended side angle’s and Trikonasana.

And then to break my fast, (see my post Intermittent Fasting Part One for more info) I decided to use my old kitchenmaid mixer to make one of my favorite dirty snacks. Pimento cheese. I like eating it with a loaf of freshly baked sourdough. I’ll list the recipe at the end of the post.


Those are the main ingredients. I take the Philadelphia block of cream cheese out of the fridge and rest it on the counter when I know I’m going to make pimento cheese.


First I grate mature sharp cheddar. For some reason I always choose sharp cheddar from Ireland. I like the taste.


I put the block of softened Philadelphia cream cheese, the quarter cup mayonnaise, drained pimentos, the sprinkle of cayenne pepper, and the shake of spices in the mixer. I always drain my pimentos because if you put the brine in I feel the pimento cheese gets too watery.


I start mixing on the lowest speed. I add my grated cheese and slowly increase this mixing speed by one. I keep it on low the whole way through.





After I see the pimento cheese is whipped beautifully, I scrape down the sides mix a little bit more and voilà! Pimento cheese is ready to taste. This is the point where you can add either salt or pepper or some more cayenne or spices if you wish. If not, the pimento cheese is ready to put into a plastic container and refrigerate for a few hours. I use an old plastic yogurt container with stretch & seal on the top before closing with the lid.



Mine tasted so good today that I put some on sourdough and just ate it unchilled. It’s even better when the pimento cheese has time to chill because the flavours mingle just right. Sourdough is one of my favorite breads. I don’t find the macros too bad. I have nothing against bread either! All in moderation.




Leave me a comment or question about pimento cheese!

Here’s the recipe:

1 block Philadelphia cream cheese
2 cups grated sharp or mature cheddar
1/4 cup mayonnaise
1 jar diced pimentos, drained
One pinch cayenne powder
2 shakes your favorite spices (1 used 1 shake Italiano clubhouse and one shake garlic and herb clubhouse seasonings each)


Place softened cream cheese, mayonnaise, cayenne pepper, seasonings, grated cheddar cheese and drained pimentos into the large bowl of a mixture. Beat at low speed with paddle until thoroughly combined. Scrape down the sides, season to taste with salt and black pepper if needed or more seasonings. place in plastic container with saran wrap under lid for freshness. chill for two hours. Pimento cheese is good in the fridge for up to one week.

Don’t worry it won’t last more than one week.



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