To carb or not to carb?

Some say carbs will make you fat. Some say you need carbs because those are the simple sugars that will fuel your body and give you energy. What’s right? What carbs? Well it depends on your body. It depends on your goals. Often times I load up on carbs. This is usually after a very tough workout. Not immediately after, immediately after I may need a recovery drink. If I don’t have a recovery drink then lots of water, fruit, maybe white rice and chicken. Maybe a salad with another lean protein like tilapia or chicken breast.

Often fitness freaks will load up on carbs the day they work out. They will load up on carbs with little or no fat. That’s what I did today and my carb choice was crumpets.


I ate all six. Two with butter and jam about an hour after my intense workout, which consisted of muscle conditioning with weights and body weight as well as abdominal work with a Bender Ball. I opted to try the Tele on my third crumpet of the day.

At night I ate three more crumpets! This time I chose a more savory pass. Butter and marmite.


Marmite is super high in protein. Since I have low blood pressure I’m not scared of adding more sodium into my diet because it helps to raise it.

Let me know what you think about carb loading, crumpets, Marmite or anything else by leaving me a comment!





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