How to start: food tips

I knew I wanted to make a change. I didn’t like the way my midsection looked in the mirror. I wanted my jeans to fit the way they did years ago. If you want a quick change, here’s a rough beginners plan. Eat whatever you want! Eat just as you’ve been eating! But. And here’s the change. ADD 4 foods to what you’re already eating, and eat these first, before you eat what you want to eat:

Choose one food from each list to eat every day:

1. One handful of raw nuts (not fried or salted)
2. One quarter avocado

1. One potato boiled, baked or mashed with no butter or oil
2. One sweet potato or yam boiled, baked or mashed
3. One boiled, baked or roasted squash

1. One stick celery
2. One stick carrot
3. One raw vegetable of your choice

1. One bowl berries of your choice
2. One orange
3. One apple
4. One other fruit of your choice, raw, if skin is edible with skin



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